Today, for companies to go mobile, is extremely complex, very costly, and takes a lot of time, due to the customized nature of enterprise applications in use today.


Using our innovative technology platform, IT departments can easily transform web-based enterprise applications to mobile optimized apps, in minutes, and at scale.


No programming, no technical integration, compatible with any web based application, and 100% compliant with existing data security policies.

Superior benefits at unbeatable economics

Fast. Simple. Secure. Scalable.



Bring any existing enterprise application to mobile, quickly and easily – in minutes, hours or days


100% compliant with your existing data security policies – no data ever leaves your corporate network


Create and deploy an unlimited number of small, focused mobile apps for every use case


No relicensing of existing software required - pay only what you use, per employee per month, for unlimited apps

No Coding

Use our visual editor to create mobile apps - no programming skills, technical integration or changing of code required


Bring any browser based application to mobile, whether it was developed in-house or by a third party

No Duplication

Reuse existing business logic and permissions thanks to full inheritance of existing functionality

Easy Maintenance

Changes to your enterprise applications will automatically work, or can be adjusted on mobile in minutes

productive mobile studio
The Productive Mobile platform in a nutshell

An end-to-end solution to go mobile at scale - easily, securely and affordably

mobile apps


Product owners can use our game-changing Studio to create mobile enterprise apps in a highly visual way - this is where the magic is happening


Our native Gateway app is the single point of access for employees to use all their mobile enterprise apps easily and securely

Mobility Cloud

Administrators can use the Mobility Cloud to control every nuance of each app, and integrate with the corporate network, set permissions and view audit trails

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