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  • Siloed Data

    Siloed Data

    Employees spend on average 25% of their time looking up data. The difficulty to access data leads to slow & uninformed decisions.

  • Poor Usability

    Poor Usability

    Employee facing software is often hard to use, complex and slow. It results in a lack of engagement, a need for long trainings and a lot of shadow IT.

  • Rigid Systems

    Rigid Systems

    IT is too busy to handle change requests and upgrades, the consequence is that IT systems don't change as fast as the business need which can hurt business results.

Make your software great again!

The simplest and most flexible platform to design, deliver and evolve consumer-grade interfaces for employee workflows. Combining state-of-the-art UX Design with Robotic Process Automation to enhance your IT systems.

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Make your software great again!

Unprecedented time to value

Clear benefits for a winning mobile strategy

  • Turn-key


    Use your employees’ current skillset to do it and save precious onboarding time.

  • Lower  overhead

    Lower overhead

    Reduce time and effort to maintain and evolve your systems over time.

  • Modernize


    Modernize business operations. Modern look and feel. Consumer-grade. Beautiful design out-of-the-box.

  • Consolidate


    Consolidate several systems into a unified workflow, or augment one workflow with data and actions of another.

  • Low risk

    Low risk

    Go fast without risking your business. Avoid rip-and-replace risks.

  • Exceed user expectations

    Exceed user expectations

    Empower business users to participate in development with visual tools.

Meeting Room Booking App

Quickly see availability and book meetings rooms from anywhere

Built with Productive Mobile

  • Approvals

    A unified view for approvals from different systems: Sharepoint, SAP, Concur and a homegrown software. Managers can now approve all requests in a convenient & beautiful mobile interface.

    Time spent on approvals

    • with 4 different systems & no mobile version
      9h / month
    • With Productive Mobile
      1h / month
  • Meeting Room Booking

    A large insurance company deployed an app to easily see the availability of meeting rooms, understand the equipment they offer and to book them.

    Implementation Time

    • With traditional development
      8 weeks
    • With Productive Mobile
      5 days
  • Employee Directory

    A large german retailer built an app to easily browse employees across various departments, geographical regions, branches and retail stores.

    Implementation Time

    • With alternatives
      4 weeks
    • With Productive Mobile
      3 days
  • Sales Executive Dashboard

    A simple view into the current performance of a sales territory. The data is pulled from a CRM system. The report is always available on the go in beautiful and easy interface with just the information required.

    Time to deployment

    • With traditional development
      6 weeks
    • With Productive Mobile
      2 weeks
  • Branch Audit

    Replacing a paper based inspection workflow, this app allow inspectors to easily inspect and rate a branch and report their findings in real time.

    Development Time

    • With traditional development
      6 weeks
    • With Productive Mobile
      1 week